Art Director

New York Times- Seek The Truth


Art Director: Pablo Valles | Art Director: Mary Daniels |
Copywriter: Eli Mogul | Designer: Chris Friend


Seek the Truth Game Show

How do you challenge people to find the truth so that they can differentiate between truth and opinion? You have them play games.


Round 1: Truth or Opinion

Contestants are shown a statement. They determine whether the statement they see is fact or opinion.

Round #2 Ball Pit of Truth

Contestants learn the effort it takes to dig up the truth by sorting through a ball pit. Each ball has a statement printed on it, but only a few are truthful.


Round #3 Tangles of Bias

Contestants navigate obstacles representing bias and sensationalism.

Round #4 Run to the Truth

Contestants run on a wheel that works like a zoetrope. Once they reach a certain speed, a message of truth is revealed.


Seek the Truth Maze Challenge

Participants use their instincts to find the truth to reach the end of the maze, or risk following bias which lands them at a dead end. 


Talking Statues Augmented Reality

Through this AR app, statues in New York such as Shakespeare, Washington and The Statue of Liberty come to life. By relating their own life stories, they describe the importance of understanding how to discover facts to know truth. 


Forced-Perspective Installation

This outdoor installation conveys the idea that truth requires you to look at it from the right perspective by revealing a hidden message when lined up correctly.


Origami Truth Challenge

Via a print magazine insert, readers discover the truth by folding an origami box.

Copy: Is truth worth your time, patience, and effort?
Challenge yourself to seek the Truth.


Reflective Surface Print Ads

Print ads with a reflective graphic provoke readers to take a
look at their own role in discovering truth.


Copy: Will you pass up on the opportunity to find truth? Are you willing to give up your freedom – the freedom to think, to speak, and express your beliefs? Freedom is worth fighting for, even when bringing the truth to the surface shatters your perception of the world. The New York Times challenges you to seek the truth.

NYT--Busstop1 (1).jpg

Copy: How long does it take to find the truth? Are you willing to wait around for it? What if it never shows? That’s should scare you. It scares us. Which is why people that are scared are willing to pay the price of time. Don’t be consumed by that fear. The New York Times challenges you to seek the truth. 


Copy: Why do some wander aimlessly looking for truth? Climbing mountains of information sometimes reveals truth you weren’t seeking. New truths, ones that you don’t agree with. Hiding in the sanctuary of acceptance is no way to live life. Be dangerous. Never settle for less than the complete truth. The New York Times challenges you to seek the truth.